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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Fun

We had a great summer. We got to have Kristi and her kids for a week, Dayton and Dawson for a month, Ciana for the whole summer, Erik and Lance for a couple of days and Josh and Angela for the Labor Day weekend. We had a great time. Grandma ended up only having 7 days the entire summer where I didn't have grandkids at my house and a kidney stone the size of Mount Rushmore, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! (Well, maybe minus the kidney stone!)

Josh is finally taking the big plunge. This is his cute fiance Angela. They drove up from Tucson to spend Labor Day weekend with us. We had a lot of fun with them. (notice how skinny he's getting?)

Mikey turns Old! Happy birthday Mikey!

Be sure to play this video.
Dayton and Dawson came to spend a month with their mom this summer and Dawson found a piece of wood in my shop which he was sure would make the finest guitar in the land! He made up a song for his mom which I recorded. It is hilarious!

Bob took Kristi and her kids and Holly and her kids to Recapture with the boat to pull the kids on the tubes. Dawson loves Lehi!

This is Kristi and her kids but I forgot to bring my big lens so I couldn't get a close up picture of them. Sarah decided to ride a smaller tube and Bob dumped her on it. She flew about 5 feet in the air and when she surfaced she was not a happy camper. Bob really got an earful!

Dayton and Dawson Loved the tube and so did Grady.

Dawson decided he wanted his toes painted klike his moms. That only lasted until he went out fron to play with the neighbors and they made fun of his pretty pink toes. He was back on the porch immediately with the polish remover and a cotton ball.

Krist and her kids came to stay with us for a week this summer. They were here over the 24th so we did some fireworks. Sarah and David are dancin' in the street.

We took Kristi and the kids to Natural Bridges. It was very hot!

I had to take this picture of sarah. She was asleep upside down in the chair. Comfortable!

Holly and Kristi

Papa took the kids to the Dinosaur museum. We have an awesome museum and the kids really enjoyed it.

Erik came to see Kristi and to pick ciana up after she had spent the summer with Grandma. We only got to see Lance for a couple of days. Erik made over!

Holly and Ciana spent a lot of time together this summer. They were both sad when Ciana had to go home but never fear....she found her way into the back seat of Uncle Josh's truck this weekend so she got to come back for 4 more days. She has it all figured out. Colby comes to Blanding every couple of weeks to see his squeeze so she thinks all she has to do is get to Phoenix and she can come twice a month! Let me know how that works for you cecil!